Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015)

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>Precisely. Not being able to develop an sound argument around such a trivial matter does say a lot about yourself.

That I’m lazy and don’t really give a shit?

Where’s your essay in defence of the post, because this whole comment is just a bizarre attack on me, rather than anything to do with the post.

>Are you implying that opinions can’t be false or plain wrong?

Nope. That’s my I didn’t say that, I said subjective opinions on the quality of art.


Answer’s still nope.

>Are you stating that a film review or art critic can’t be full of blatant bullshit?

You seem to be confusing the words criticism and opinion.

>As I said previously, (deep sigh) you surely can state that you don’t like a certain piece.

Good, I’m not sure why you’re getting so upset about my opinion if that’s your stance.

>What’s plain ridiculous and a tell tale of rampant ignorance

My ignorance is rampant? Oh dear I should see a doctor.

>is to firmly state that something is just wrong (AKA “poorly executed”) with no argument or reasoning, basically, just because you feel like it.

I did feel like it, and you’re welcome to ask me to elaborate, which is what I did.

>Is Chocolate Vermicelli wrong or “poorly executed” just because you don’t like it?
Or are there certain characteristics of Chocolate, a whole art and science around it, developed throughout thousands of years of experience and research that serve as guidelines to what is good Chocolate and what isn’t?

Those guidelines don’t mean jack shit if you don’t like a particular chocolate or use of it. You’ve also mixed up the order, i don’t like it because it’s poorly executed.

I’m still not sure why you’re getting so upset about people having a different opinion to you.

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