Man of Steel (2013)

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I know the answer to this and it’s very sad. I just bought Drew Strewzen’s book. He’s the poster artist who did classic posters for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Thing (in one day no less) etc.
in it he writes very candidly about how studio execs quote all these “studies” about how the photoshopped “heads floating about” or “fashion shoot” style posters are more successful…even when faced with a public poll between one of his works for hellboy (i think) vs a generic studio photoshopped version where his was deemed superior by an overwhelming majority, the exec’s reaction was “well, it’s too *arty*”.
In his final working years even though he was championed by the likes of Lucas, Del Toro and Darabont, most of his work was relegated to DVD reissues and limited ed. posters for events like Comic Con.
His last thoughts in the book on working on a movie poster is “unbearable”.
So there you have it from someone who’s made THE most iconic posters from the early 80’s to the early 00’s…there is no place for art according to those who hold the purse strings. A crying shame.

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