Top 1000 Album Art Pictures

Dead Kennedys in god we trust

I don’t think it’s fair of that guy to criticise. DK for playing old material. Everything they did leading up to and after Jello’s departure is bullshit and they quite clearly are complete tools, but that doesn’t make a difference to the cultural impact

Muse – Absolution

Always loved this cover. Same with Origin of Symmetry. There are two alternative covers that I know of:

Pink Floyd – Animals

For what its worth, I had my kids (14 & 18) with me in London a few months ago, and we passed Battersea power station on the train… which had me jumping out of my seat and pointing. All I could get was a

Death Grips – The Powers That B

thanks for sharing, i have to check on them everyday just to see more shit i might miss out on untill later. i was only 4 hours late to the music video/companion to on gp it was awesome.

Mos Def – The Ecstatic

Love ‘Roses” and ‘Quiet Dog Bite Hard” is really cool too. I didn’t know much about the album cover until I read /u/Vic_tron’s comment below that it was a still from *Killer of Sheep* and… Definitely seems interesting. Haven’t seen the movie (plan to,

Deaf Heaven – Sunbather

You should take a trip through [Sigh](’s discography. They started out as [black metal in 1993](, [started getting weirder in 1997](, [went full avant-garde in 2000](, [brought back the metal in 2007](, [and perfected their style (IMO) in 2012]( Each of their albums is

NehruvianDOOM – NehruvianDOOM

Inner cover: [1200×1200] Back cover: [1641×1371] This is dedicated to the first time I was on this subreddit a year ago. I found this posted on the first page, a new album from MF DOOM featuring a great young rapper: Bishop Nehru.

Cut Copy – Zonoscope

Nice Album, havent heard it in a while. If anyone cares, the cover is a photomontage by japanese artist [Tsunehisa Kimura]( [Another great N.Y. piece by him.](

Green Day – Dookie

I remember the first time I heard about this album, and Green Day for that matter. It was a May night in 94, and I just got home from my 8th grade graduation dance, where I got stood up by a girl that I

Gotye – Making Mirrors

I love that Gotye is making rounds around the internet again with the viral hit of that [Somebody That I Used To Know cover.]( I still love [Learnalilgivinanlovin]( more than anything, though.

Jonwayne – Cassette

Yeah, unfortunately Jonwayne has that cassette out of print forever and there will be no repress. [Cassette 2]( and [Cassette 3]( are still for sale if you like those.

Bon Iver- Bon Iver

thank you. being responsible for picking out the art piece sounds like an amazing job. i would very much like that. so does this mean that, the cover art may or may not have connections with the album?

Pretty Lights – Making Up A Changing Mind

He’s definitely doing more than layering drum beats over old records, even though making appealing tunes that comprise multiple sources that way isn’t at all easy. There’s a ton of intricacy going on, as well as original synthesis. If anything, I’d argue that guys

Run the Jewels – Meow the Jewels

Really solid for an album that was remixed solely using cat samples. Some of the flips are really good (Paw Due Respect is honestly better than Run the Jewels 2’s All Due Respect, and Meowrly and Snug Again are both solid too). There were

DJ Shadow – Endtroducing…..

My favourite album of all time. I listen to it in full at least once a month. Completely made out of samples. [Midnight In A Perfect World]( [Building A Stream With A Grain Of Salt]( [What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1)]( [Organ