Top 1000 Album Art Pictures

Super Furry Animals – Radiator

I am aware. I was just venting. It seems like they had just started to get a serious foothold, faltered for an album or two (How can you top Phantom and Rings?) and then Gruff sort of left them in the lurch; that’s what

Fuzz – Fuzz

Pretty bad-ass art. I’ve heard Loose Sutures even before the album was out and wondered who made the cover art, so I guess there isn’t a better place and time to ask that question than here and now.

Lemon Jelly – Lost Horizon

I love this album! If anyone has the inside cover and could upload it I would really appreciate it for I just adore it. I found it at a record store and loved the artwork.

Flume – Self Titled LP

Shit, I’ve been listening to this album occasionally for around a year and figured I was clever for noticing that it was a girl in the first place. Before I know it people are going to be pointing out sea creatures or fucking illuminati

Weezer – Pinkerton

I was just at a bar where they played this album in its entirety on the stereo…. it was fantastic. Half the patrons grew up with this album and were singing along to all the songs.

Vampire Weekend – Contra

You’re being a bit presumptuous here. The fact that you cannot derive any meaning from the image or the album name does not mean that it lacks any semblance of meaning. If there is one thing that Vampire Weekend does well, its meaning and

Lateralus – Tool

The cover has multiple layers, each showing a different part of the body. So each page is a separate layer and transparent. One layer for the bones, one layer for the veins, one layer for the brain .. etc etc. I don’t know about

Brand New – Deja Entendu (Inner Gatefold)

I noticed that this masterpiece of a record’s glorious frontcover has been posted several times but never it’s equally (if not more) amazing inner gatefold artwork. So I decided to change that. This is my second favorite Brand New album, my favorite is *The

Baroness-Red Album

Hey now, it’s not a disability! I’m actually a “born-again” metal fan, I got out of it something like eight years ago but just fell in love with Bodom. I’ve given Baroness a pretty solid listen because the artwork is so splendid but it

Jeff Rosenstock – I Look Like Shit

I’d say stepped out of his skanking shoes 8 years ago, with Get Warmer, but it still had some ska tempos, so that’s arguable, but Vacation, for example, was an entirely non-ska album. It wasn’t even a punk album, really. BTMI has so many

Lustmord – Heresy

Because of this post I took it upon myself to check out his music on Youtube. It took me to an extremely dark and painful (but oddly meditative) place, and yet I couldn’t stop listening to it! “Decompress” was especially gut wrenching. You gotta

Moby- Destroyed

I love ‘The Day’ and ‘Rockets’ on this album. According to /u/sleepyyyypete, Moby took a snapshot of a message board in an airport terminal which was displaying the message “All unattended luggage will be destroyed.” which could only display one word at a time.

Bad Suns – Transpose

This being the title for their debut EP. Only recently listened to them, but the stuff I heard from them was enjoyable and catchy to me to say the least. Some tracks from the EP [Transpose]( [Cardiac Arrest]( Their debut album is coming up