Top 1000 Album Art Pictures

Com Truise – In Decay

this reminds me of an old logo. PBS I think? edit: [it’s PBS I’m thinking of](

Panama Wedding – Parallel Play

reminds me of [Com Truise’s ‘In Decay’]( and the music video of [Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’]( love it!

Melvins – Houdini

“The band wanted to call the album Kurt Kobain but changed it after Cobain’s death to eliminate the possibility of people mistaking it for a tribute record. Melvins also jokingly remarked that Kurt Cobain actually is the titular “prick”, because he died and therefore

Pelican – The Cliff

Cover looks nice, overall. No cliff, but I can get over that, haha. Pelican is definitely my favorite band, but the last album was pretty weak without Laurent around. Hopefully the songwriting has picked back up a bit from where it was. Not to

The Knife – Deep Cuts

Yeah, I wasn’t keen on the Darwin opera. I think I expected it to be like The Knife when it was nowhere near, otherwise I may have enjoyed it more.

Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

AHHH you are doing yourself a great disservice. Get on that ASAP. Every song is brilliant in and of itself, especially when you check out the lyrics. And agreed that this year rocks. I’ve also been into Twin Shadow’s latest stuff. Really recommend you

Kendrick Lamar- good kid, m.A.A.d. City

I think this cover is really cool. The washed out, hot look, the family van in the poor suburbs, you can practically hear the pavement sizzling, this is a nostalgic picture. The hand-written album title is evocative of scribbles on a poloroid picture, who

Dinosaur Jr. – Green Mind

That’s awesome! I’m glad to have contributed in some small form 🙂 Any thing off “Living All Over Me” is great. Sludgefest, The Lung, Little Fury Things, Forget The Swan, I Don’t Think, The Post… TBH it’s all great!

Baroness – Purple

I saw them open up for Mastodon back in 2010. I had never heard of them before this show and arrived about ten minutes into their set, but despite all that, they instantly became one of my favorite bands. It was so cool to

!!! – Thr!!!er

It’s one diver going into a pool, and they duplicated it three times for the album cover. If I remember correctly he shot it with a Hasselblad through a diving observation window with strobes above and below the water, but I may not be

Future Islands – Singles

Yeah, you should have gone. I saw them shortly after [their Letterman appearance]( and it was awesome. They are on top of their game. One of the top three shows I’ve been to.

Black Tusk – Passage Through Purgatory

IKR! Baroness is amazing his art is amazing and he combines the two effortlessly. I am not sure if you have seen this before but here is a site where you ca buy his art work.

Pink Floyd- The Division Bell

Well I do like High Hopes. But there’s just something about Gilmour’s song writing that bugs me. All the lyrics are kind of bland and unmemorable. Add to that the very ambitious and roomy production that just feels hollow. I know Pink Floyd is
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