Top 1000 Album Art Pictures

Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

Fun fact: It’s not Tom Waits on the cover. > The cover photograph is one of a series taken by the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen at Café Lehmitz (a café near the Hamburg red-light boulevard Reeperbahn) in the late 1960s. The man and woman

Battles- Gloss Drop

Nope. If you’re into it then good for you but I genuinely don’t see the appeal behind it. Not from a band like Battles anyway.

Tame Impala- Lucidity

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning! [Check out the rest of the covers Leif Podhajsky has made]( They’re all absolutely insane – unfortunately they’re super pricey though.

Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun

[Here]( is the interview with the artist, which also is where i got the artwork (I had to download each panel individually and align them in mspaint, so there are little inconsistencies where they meet, forgive me) and [here]( is High Road, which is

Nujabes- Metaphorical Music

It was more a general sigh of dismay, cursing into the eternal void, than actually telling you to fuck off (which is pretty rude)… Honestly though this gets posted here all the time, please use the search function in future and at least try

Pink Floyd – Ummagumma

I have this album on vinyl and I discovered a little hidden tidbit while studying it. If you look at the smallest mirror within the mirror within the mirror within the mirror within the mirror, you can see the teeny tiny album cover of

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

I’m not really a huge fan of his music, but I think it’s great to give Richard attention. Other musicians like Kanye West, Radiohead, and MGMT list Aphex Twin as an inspiration as well. Really cool of them.

Washed Out – Paracosm

This is an amazing album cover (and decent record) but the picture is a total product of right now. In ten years this will be incredibly indicative of our current aesthetics, and will look tacky to most imo

Fact – Witness

I agree. If you want to know more about with the band sounds like, check these out; these guys are from Japan and their songs are more in the post-hardcore/ melodic punk genre. Some of their songs from previous albums: [Foss]( [Slip Of The

Hot Chip – Why Make Sense?

After working at a college record store for a year, I concluded that Hot Chip is widely adored ^…by ^art/music/theatre ^majors Personally, I like me some tasty indie-electro Hot Chip.

Pink Floyd- Atom Heart Mother

Heh, I recently found a cool large poster with album art from 6 Pink Floyd albums (including this one) painted on the backs of women. The [large image is here]( and the poster is on [my SO and mine’s website](, if I am allowed

Father John Misty – Fear Fun

I’m pretty good friends with FJM’s younger sister. Spent 4 months abroad with her my freshman year of college. They’re a pretty musical family, she sings and plays guitar.