Top 1000 Album Art Pictures

Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

nsfw means *not safe for work*. i’m fine with the cover, and think the artwork is perfectly okay. i also think that it’s *not safe for work*. it’s not worrying, nor is it sick that there are those that would not want this content

Big Bear – Doin Thangs

Thanks for that link. I wouldn’t call their art “shitty”, though, a lot of it is hilarious. Lil Ugly Mane, [who uses the style in his cover art](, said this on an interview: “There’s always been humor in it though. Like if you look

Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire

Looks like it’s from [Houston, TX]( Photographer has lots of similar shots of surreal housing developments in places like Las Vegas. EDIT: [Another shot](–the-american-landscape-at-the-tipping-point/070630-0237_10by15) identified it as Galveston, TX. Google Maps identifies it as [Flamingo Isles, Hitchcock, TX](,+Hitchcock,+TX+77563,[email protected],-94.9646454,3309m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x863f82306dd6788d:0x382c69d46ef8aec0).

Beach House – Bloom

I managed to catch the limited glow in the dark edition when my dad went to a subpop auction because he was bored one night and brought back a gift.

Bert – Bert’s Blockbusters

Bert is a singer/songwriter/actor from the Sesame Street burrough of New York City. Originally a member of the duo “Bert & Ernie,” his first solo album started the biggest dance craze of the early 70s with [Doin’ the Pigeon](

Justice – †

I don’t know what draws me so much to this cover. Maybe because it looks so menacing, maybe because I really liked the idea of a lonely cross floating around in space, or perhaps even because it looks so fucking simple but still so

Kanye West – Graduation

Why would I be ashamed, because I don’t share the same as opinion as you on a piece of art? There are plenty of famous artists that I think have terrible work (or at the least, criminally overrated) – look at the poll that

Rush- 2112

people often post their favorite albums, regardless of the cover art. While this may be a great album, the art is nothing special.

Gorillaz – Demon Days

I just think this cover hinted at what each “member” is supposed to be like. Murdoc glancing menacingly at the camera, Russel standing up straight and tall, 2D looking out of it, etc. I dunno, it’s cool.

Baroness – Blue Record

Baizley is one of those artists that really awes me. His music is how I was introduced to him but at this point I love his art almost as much. Resilient too, for those that don’t know the band was in a horrifying bus

Radiohead – Hail to the Thief

This is exactly how I feel! Except sometimes the colors I picture don’t correlate to the album cover at all but certain chords have a vivid image. The intro to Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear makes me think of bright red and brown and

Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void – Spaces

Genius idea, truly a nice way of getting “likes” without spamming your friends and coming off like most bands do on Facebook. May I ask how you’re keeping track of this and how you’re sending the file? I’d love to follow the same path

Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945

The album was basically based off of a dream that Jeff Mangum, the lead singer had. He dreamed he was Anne Frank’s boyfriend. So that’s basically what the album is about. Allow me to say though that I don’t understand everything. In certain songs

They Might Be Giants – The Spine

Quite similar to “Church Trap” at this year’s Burning Man: Edit: Church trap is quite similar to this…

Sunn O))) & Ulver – Terrestrials

It’s less heavy than the rest of Sunn O)))’s material. Ulver has changed a lot since they started back in the 90s, and they’re doing kind of ambient stuff right now. This album is more like Ulver than Sunn O))) I’d say.
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